Enzyme catalysis

Enzyme catalysis

The potential of enzymes for the resource-saving production of fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, aromas and many other chemicals is not nearly exhausted yet. The DFI covers all essential steps in the development of enzyme-based processes. This includes the expansion of substrate and product spectra, the optimization of enzyme expression, the evaluation of alternative solvents (especially deep eutectic solvents), enzyme engineering and in particular the development of novel reactor concepts (electro-enzymatic and photo-enzymatic syntheses). Most of the research focusses on industrially relevant hydroxylations with peroxygenases and P450 monooxygenases.

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Dr. Markus Buchhaupt

Microbial Biotechnology / Chemical Technology
Telephone +49 69 69 7564-629


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jonathan Bloh
Head of Chemical Technology
Telephone +49 69 7564-387

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