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Our scientists present the results of their research at the following conferences and events. Take the opportunity to inform yourself personally about our work!

10.09.2020 EUROCORR 2020 Dr.-Ing. Ceyhun Oskay
"Corrosion behavior of Fe- and Ni-based alloys in solar salt at 600°C"
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10.09.2020 EUROCORR 2020 Christoph Grimme
"The influence of aluminum content on the wear behavior of NiAl"
Virtual Congress

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10.09.2020 EUROCORR 2020 PD Dr.-Ing. Mathias Galetz
"Influence of Water Vapour on the Cyclic Oxidation Behaviour of Aluminized TiAl Alloys and its Impact on the Mechanical Properties"
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11.09.2020 EUROCORR 2020 Dr.-Ing. Anke Silvia Ulrich
"Catalytic Inhibition of Metal Dusting by Cu – The Difference of Cast and AM Alloys"
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07.10.2020 46. VDI-Jahrestagung Schadensanalyse in der Energietechnik 2020 Dr. Mario Rudolphi
"Rauchgaskorrosion in Labor und Kraftwerk – Erkenntnisse aus dem LÜBKORR-Projekt zur Lebensdauer von Überhitzerrohren" 
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Fairs & Events

Visit us at the following fairs and events and take the opportunity to get to know us personally. We look forward to meeting you!

07.09. - 11.09.2020


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