Light can be used as energy source to enable or accelerate chemical reactions. These photocatalytic reactions are particularly elegant and clean as the photons are essentially contact- and residue-free reagents. By using renewable power sources they are also climate- and environment-friendly. Due to the typically high oxidation potentials this technique is also used for the degradation of unwanted pollutants in the air, water and on surfaces. The main challenge in the application of these processes is an efficient implementation, particularly at larger scales due to the fact that the light typically penetrates only a few micro- or millimeters deep into the reaction medium. Meeting this challenge is one of the core activities of the Chemical Technology research group and is centered around matters of kinetics, reaction engineering, light sources and suitable photoreactors.

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jonathan Bloh

Head of Chemical Technology
Telephone +49 69 7564-387


Dr. Bastien Burek

Photocatalysis / Chemical Technology
Telephone +49 69 7564-179

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