Mechanical Manufacturing

DFI Mechanical Manufacturing

Our Services

> Materials processing

  • Special materials (e.g. titanium aluminides, high-strength materials, nickel-base alloys, refractory metals such as molybdenum, tantalum)
  • Plastics of all kinds (e.g. PEEK, PFTE)
  • Sample preparation (e.g. for DIN/ISO testing procedure)

> Custom-made new design and manufacturing

  • Chemical reactors
  • Electrolysis cells
  • Complete solutions
  • Adaptation of existing systems, test locations and installations
  • Small batches

> Demonstrators, exhibits and samples (e.g. for trade shows)

The mechanical workshop of the Institute – your competitive partner for manufacturing of mechanically finished parts for industry, handcraft, business and mechanical engineering. Looking for custom-designed components made of special materials or small batches? Let us know! Our portfolio includes turning, milling, drilling as well as metal processing and CNC technology supported by additive manufacturing. We provide fast, creative and flexible solutions from the development via manufacturing of single parts up to exhibits and samples.

Your Benefits

  • Over 50 years of experience in collaboration with small and medium-sized enterprises as well as big industry
  • Everything from one provider
  • Frame contracts on request


  • lathes (CNC and manual)
  • milling machines (CNC and manual)
  • CO2 laser engraving and cutting system
  • wire eroding machines
  • 3D printer
  • surface grinding machine
  • pillar drills
  • vertical band saw
  • band grinder
  • TIG welding
  • cutting machine
  • blasting crucible - glass pearls
  • ...and many more

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