High temperature corrosion

High temperature corrosion

The demand for environmentally- and resources-friendly processes as well as higher yields in thermal plants and machinery leads to increasing demands on materials. This is relevant with plants used for high temperature processes in the petrochemical and chemical industries, power plants and gasification equipment for fossil fuels, by-products, waste products and biomass as well as combustion engines and land-based as well as aviation turbines. The working group High Temperature Materials therefore deals with exploring the applicability limits of established high temperature materials under extreme service conditions. A further research area is the development of innovative materials systems in order to extend the operating limits of components and to enable new technologies.
Research fields:

  • Gasification atmospheres as well as other aggressive process environments
  • Intermetallic materials (TiAl – high temperature light weight materials, Chromium-alloys)
  • (Multi)-functional high temperature coatings (e.g. Tribology and Oxidation)
  • »Minimally invasive« high temperature corrosion protection (halogen effect, catalytic poisoning)
  • Diffusion and thermal barrier coatings

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Assoc. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mathias Galetz

Head of Materials and Corrosion
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