CO<sub>2</sub> conversion

CO2 conversion

With the help of innovative concepts, new sources of raw materials based on carbon dioxide are exploited for a sustainable chemical industry. On the one hand, electrochemical, photochemical, and biotechnological processes are used to produce basic chemicals such as methanol, formic acid, methane, or syngas from CO2. The produced results are often biotechnologically converted. On the other hand, biotechnological processes for the direct conversion of CO2 into higher-value chemicals such as terpenes or alcohols are also being investigated. At DFI, completely new strategies for the assimilation of C1 components are researched, but also application-related processes are optimized.

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Dr. Markus Stöckl

Sustainable Electrochemistry / Chemical Technology
Telephone +49 69 7564-642

Dr. Markus Buchhaupt

Microbial Biotechnology / Chemical Technology
Telephone +49 69 69 7564-629


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jonathan Bloh
Head of Chemical Technology
Telephone +49 69 7564-387

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