About Us

Sustainable living requires forward-looking technologies. We preserve resources, conduct research for an improved climate, and work on the energy transition.

Our experts share their knowledge with the world: They teach at universities, provide courses of continuing education, and write articles for professional journals.

DECHEMA-Forschungsinstitut has been a non-profit civil law foundation since 2012.

Excellent Research

For almost 60 years, DECHEMA-Forschungsinstitut has been combining the strengths of various disciplines. At the same time we are part of a strong global network of scientists. As a private research institute we get along with a minimum of bureaucracy.


When materials scientists, chemists, energy experts and biotechnologists collaborate, new ideas are formed. We provide proof, every day, that exchange across disciplines is the basis of excellent science and innovation.



Our work is always based on a specific practical question – whether in cooperation with universities or as research partner of companies. Even in fundamental research we always have an eye on application. Thus we are determined to put our ideas into practice.



We shape the future. Our research with new materials and processes makes our local economy more competitive and contributes to increasing wealth world-wide. Our priorities are sustainability, climate protection and a responsible use of resources.

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