Patents Materials and Corrosion

Multilayer Scale Protection System for Steels which can be Press Hardened
S. Benfer, W. Bleck, W. Fürbeth, V. Kuznetsov, A. Tenié
Application 24.08.2016, Publication 28.02.2018
DE 102016115746.5, EP 3287546 A1

Glass-formig forming mandrel with a diffusion layer
J. Witte, M.C. Galetz, A. Naji
EP3121154 (25.1.2017)

Method for producing a corrosion protection layer for thermal insulation layers made of hollow aluminum oxide balls and glass layer as outer layer and component
M.C. Galetz, X. Montero, W. Stamm
WO2016162295 (13.10.2016)

Method for coating a substrate containing cobalt, nickel and/or iron with a corrosion-resistant layer
M.C. Galetz, X. Montero, M. Schütze
WO2013178216 (5.12.2013)

Method for producing a corrosion-inhibiting diffusion layer in the peripheral zone, near the surface of a substrate that consists of a metal or a metal alloy, and layer system therefor
J. Bauer, M. Galetz, M. Schütze
WO2012089200 (5.7.2012)

Nanoparticle-Based Anti-Scale Layer for Steels
C. Klesen, W. Bleck, S. Benfer, F. Feil, W. Fürbeth
Application 20.05.2010, Publication 24.11.2011
DE 10 2010 022 112.0

Process for treating the surface of titanium-aluminum alloys to improve the oxidation resistance of these alloys at specific temperature, by plasma immersion ion implantation using fluorine from e.g. fluorine-containing precursor gas
A. Donchev, M. Schütze, A. Kolitsch, R. Yankov
DE102008028990 (11.2.2010)

Component consisting of an unalloyed or low-alloy steel, method for protecting said components against coke deposition or metal dusting
C. Geers, M. Schütze
WO2010009718 (28.1.2010)

Method for treating surfaces of titanium-aluminum alloys with fluoride or fluoride compounds
M. Schütze, A. Donchev, H.-E. Zschau
DE112007001262 (26.2.2009)

Layer system and method for the production thereof
V. Kolarik, M. Anchustegui Mezquita, M. del Mar Juez-Lorenzo, H. Fietzek, P. Kodjamanova, M. Schütze, T. Weber
DE112008000455 (3.12.2009)

Method for increasing the oxidation stability of Ni-base alloys by means of treatment with halogens
M. Schütze, H.-E. Zschau
WO2008080633 (10.7.2008)

Erhöhung der Oxidationsbeständigkeit von TiAl-Legierungen durch die Behandlung mit Fluor
M. Schütze, A. Donchev
DE102006024886 (29.11.2007)

Process to protect an alloy of titanium and aluminum from oxidation by implantation of fluorine and silicon
M. Schütze, A. Donchev, R. Yankov, E. Richter
DE102006043436 (29.11.2007)

MCrAlX-alloy, protective coating made thereof and method for its production
M. Schütze, W. Stamm
EP1693473 (23.8.2006)

Blade for through-flow turbine has thermal insulation layer of open-pore metal foam on surface of core element
A. Böhm, T. Büttner, G. Walther, T. Weißgärber, D. Naumann, M. Schütze
DE102005002671 (22.6.2006)

Production of protective coatings on metallic surfaces, especially anti-corrosion coatings, involves hydrolysis and polycondensation of coating compositions based on hydrolyzable silane compounds
M. Schütze, W. Fürbeth, H.-Q. Nguyen
DE000010351947 (17.2.2005)

Aluminum-titanium diffusion layers, used for improving corrosion resistance of metallic materials used in refinery for gasifying coal, petroleum coke or other residual materials, are produced by co-diffusion
M. Schütze, T. Weber
DE10116762 (23.1.2003)

Preparation of inorganic coatings on metal surfaces for corrosion protection under aggressive conditions having higher flexibility, resistance to crack formation, and higher hardness at lower treatment temperatures
M. Schütze, W. Fürbeth, F. Dettenwanger, H.-Q. Nguyen
DE10104169 (14.8.2002)

Corrosion-resistant inorganic coating producing process involves electrostatically depositing non-metallic inorganic nanometric particles on surface of material
M. Schütze, W. Fürbeth, F. Dettenwanger, H.-Q. Nguyen
DE10102551 (1.8.2002)

Use of a liquid solution of hydrogen fluoride to treat the surface of aluminum and titanium alloys to improve the oxidation resistance of the alloys
M. Schütze, G. Schumacher
DE10017187 (11.10.2001)

Production of a diffusion barrier comprises producing a ceramic particle dispersion below the surface of a metallic material
M. Schütze, F. Dettenwanger, R. Bender
DE19960353 (21.06.2001)

Production of corrosion resistant coatings for metals comprises applying metallic or non-metallic inorganic nano-particulate powder in an organic matrix onto the metal surface, removing the organic matrix, and sintering
M. Schütze, W. Fürbeth, C. Lang, F. Dettenwanger
DE19939686 (22.2.2001)

High-temperature, oxidation-suppressing thermal insulation composite, used successfully on metallic, inter-metallic and ceramic substrates, is made by pyrolyzing simple coating of zirconia in polysiloxane
M. Schütze, F. Dettenwanger, S. Lohfeld
DE19935403 (8.2.2001)

Increasing corrosion resistance of titanium-aluminium alloy
M. Schütze, M. Hald
DE19627605 (10.7.1997)

Process for increasing the corrosion-resistance of TiAl based alloys
M. Schütze, M. Hald
EP770702 (2.5.1997)

Titanium-aluminium alloy parts with improved high temperature corrosion resistance
M. Schütze, M. Hald
DE19539305 (24.4.1997)

Titanium-aluminium alloy powder with improved high temperature corrosion resistance
M. Schütze, M. Hald
DE19539303 (24.4.1997)

Preparation of silicon-rich surfaces on alloys
A. Rahmel, M. Schütze, C. Bruns, M. Schorr
DE19604470 (17.4.1997)

Korrosionsbeständiger Werkstoff für Hochtemperaturanwendungen in sulfidierenden Prozeßgasen
M. Schütze, M. Schulte
DE4443147 (27.6.1996)

Use of an aluminium und titanium alloy and a coating material for such a use
M. Schütze, M. Schulte
EP716154 (12.6.1996)

Appts. to measure corrosion resistance
M. Schütze, K. Bundschuh
DE4444944 (27.6.1996)

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