New Publication on the Synthesis of Phase Pure Layered Manganese Oxide (δ-MnO2) as a Possible Cathode Intercalation Material for Zinc & Aluminum Ion Batteries

2018-12-20 |

Research in the field of batteries and fuel cells is one of the main research topics at DFI. Our scientists have developed a relatively fast microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of Phase-Pure Layer Oxide (δ-MnO2) and investigated the suitability of the intercalation material for the intercalation of multivalent ions. Their goal: The use of manganese oxide as an optimized intercalation cathode material for zinc and aluminum batteries, which is from an ecological and economic point of view the better choice compared to cobalt- and nickel-containing cathodes.

It appeared that manganese oxide could be used as a promising cathode material for established and novel rechargeable metal ion batteries. Therefore our scientist’s next step is to optimize material conductivity and phase stability as well as microwave technology in order to produce larger powder quantities for the contract manufacturing.


The paper is published in materials /MDPI.


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