Particle reinforced open porous anodizing layers on AA5005

M. Schneider, K. Kremmer, S.K. Weidmann, W. Fürbeth

Materials and Corrosion 68 (2017); DOI: 10.1002/maco.201609389


The present work deals with the target aimed design of anodic oxide films on AA5005 by modified phosphoric acid anodizing and reinforcement by subsequent impregnation with nanosized silicon dioxide by chemical nanotechnology. The authors show the influence of the anodizing time on the oxide layer thickness, the pore diameter and the morphology. It is revealed that silicon dioxide nanoparticles are successful when incorporated into the open structure pores of the layer. The anodizing and the incorporation process were carried out wet on wet. Complementary electrochemical measurements show the potential of the modified oxide layer in view of corrosion protection despite their deliberated open porosity.


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