Safety Hazards of Technologies of the Energy Transition

14 - 15 November 2023
Online Seminar

The transition from fossil energy carriers to the ones without carbon emissions will be a challenge in coming years and decades in many ways. One challenge is dealing with the safety hazards associated with the generation and operation of new technologies or existing technologies which will be used by a much broader community than before in their specialized industries.

This two day online seminar provides the necessary insights in the hazards, which must be considered and the required methods to avoid having incidents with the potential to undermine the public acceptance.

Hydrogen has safety related properties which can cause some headaches, e.g. ist tendency to self ignition, when released from a pressure vessel, and the powerful explosions it can undergo in a very broad range of mixing ratios with air. Awarenes of these properties and the countermeasures will be key for safe handling.

Windpower has become the main source of CO2 free electric power in several countries, nevertheless there are a surprisingly high number of accidents, where the turbines catch fire or where windmills disintegrate.
Several other countries rely on Hydrodams, which have caused some major catastrophies around the world.

Carbondioxide capture and storage or usage will require pipelines and pressuruized or cooled tanks, where leaks can occurr. Communities need to know about the risks and control measures, in order to avoid major accidents.

Methods, which have been developped for the process industries with inherent risks, can be applied to the technologies of the energy transition. This course makes you aware of the issues and available solutions

The course also covers aspects of the legal framework and key legal requirements.


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Der Übergang von fossilen Energieträgern zu solchen ohne Kohlenstoffemissionen wird in den kommenden Jahren und Jahrzehnten in vielerlei Hinsicht eine Herausforderung darstellen. Eine Herausforderung ist der Umgang mit den Sicherheitsrisiken, die mit der Erzeugung und dem Betrieb neuer oder bestehender Technologien verbunden sind, die von einer viel breiteren Öffentlichkeit als bisher in ihren spezialisierten Branchen genutzt werden. Dieses zweitägige Online-Seminar vermittelt die notwendigen Einblicke in die zu berücksichtigenden Gefahren und die erforderlichen Methoden, um Zwischenfälle zu vermeiden, die die öffentliche Akzeptanz untergraben könnten. Der Kurs behandelt auch Aspekte des rechtlichen Rahmens und der wichtigsten rechtlichen Anforderungen.
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