Basics of the Nagoya Protocol: from policy to practice

23 May 2023
Online Seminar

An introductory course on access and benefit-sharing, EU Regulation 511/2014, and legal compliance obligations under the Nagoya Protocol for European users; online interactive course; lectures by experts with plenty of time to clarify questions of the participants; interactive quizzes; hands on activity /group discussion

Have you heard of the Nagoya Protocol but are unsure where to start? If you use biological materials from outside Germany, you could have legal and compliance obligations. This course provides an introductory overview of the Nagoya Protocol and international framework around access and benefit-sharing.

Benefits arising from the utilization of genetic resources must be shared in a fair and equitable way. This is referred to as “access and benefit-sharing”, or ABS for short, and it is part of the global goals on conservation, restoration and sustainable use of biodiversity. It is a mechanism intended to increase the benefits from nature back to the countries with rich biological diversity. As a researcher using genetic resources in the European Union, you may have compliance obligations under ABS rules, the Nagoya Protocol and EU law, even if your research is classified as basic or non-commercial. Failure to comply can result in legal consequences, fines, confiscation of scientific results, intellectual property challenges, publication retraction, and loss of reputation. Understanding compliance is important but it can be daunting. We’re here to help!

The Basics of the Nagoya Protocol: from policy to practice course will provide, in an interactive format, an overview on what researchers need to do, how compliance checks work and how to be prepared.  We will help you navigate the ABS world.

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Co-organizer: German Nagoya Protocol HuB project

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