Photocatalysis team presents current research activities at SP6 Conference

2017-09-27 |

The 6th International conference on Semiconductor Photochemistry SP6 took place on 11th to 14th September 2017 in Oldenburg (Germany). The event was supported by Dr. Jonathan Bloh, head of the Chemical Technology research group at DFI, who acted as co-chair.

The conference was attended by about 150 participants with strong international presence. Major topics of the conference were solar energy conversion, photocatalysis for organic chemical synthesis, photocatalytic air purification, and waste water treatment, which were presented in a total of 76 lectures and numerous posters. DECHEMA-Forschungsinstitut was also present with 5 participants and 5 contributions. Our presentations included a model for photocatalyst optimisation, the realization of photocatalytic reactions using inductively powered LEDs, photocatalytic NOx abatement as well as synthetic applications such as photobiocatalysis and photocatalytic nitrobenzene reduction.

In summary the SP6 conference was a successful event with great opportunity for networking and excellent presentation of the institute's expertise in the field. We are looking forward to SP7 taking place in northern Italy in 2019.

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