Preparation and characterization of heterogeneous catalysts for Heck reaction composed of palladium and conducting polymers

Bild Forschungsprojekt
Period: 01.12.2000 - 30.11.2002
Partner: -
Funder: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Project Manager: Dr. K.-M. Mangold
Research Group: Electrochemistry


In this project new catalysts composed of palladium particles embedded in a matrix of conducting polymer shall be prepared. Their catalytic properties shall be tested in Heck reaction, i.e. coupling reaction of halobenzenes or haloalkenes with alkenes. Especially the dependence of catalytic properties on degree of oxidation of the conducting polymer has to be characterized.

Working plan

Catalysts of different composition were prepared by a number of different methods. Their physical and chemical properties were characterized. Using Heck reaction as a model reaction, the dependence of catalytic properties on electrochemical parameters was studied.


Catalysts composed of palladium particles embedded in polypyrrole have been prepared on substrate electrodes and their catalytic activity has been investigated. Especially the reaction of styrene with chloro-, bromo- or iodobenzene was investigated. It is evident, that the catalytic activity depends on the applied potential. A side reaction is also identified.

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