Electrochemistry Research Group

Research Fields

  • Electrochemical water treatment:    
    elimination of micro-pollutants, disinfection, desalination
  • Molecular electrochemistry:
    electrochemical synthesis of organic compounds, microbial electrosynthesis
  • Electrochemical energy storage and transformation:                                 
    redox-flow batteries

Contract Research

The scientific knowledge and equipment of the group is available for fundamental and applied research on industrial request. Further information about contract research.


  • Conventional electrochemical techniques, e.g.:
    Stationary current-potential curves, Cyclic voltammetry, Impedance spectroscopy, Rotating disc and ring-disc electrodes
  • In situ combination methods:
    Spectroelectrochemistry (UV-Vis-NIR), Fluorescence microscopy with spatially-resolved Vis-spectroscopy, Electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance
  • ex situ methods:
    FT-IR-spectroscopy, Atomic absorption spectroscopy, Ion chromatography,
    Gas chromatography, High-performance liquid chromatography,
    Contact angle measurement, Scanning electron microscope

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