Gas Diffusion Electrodes and Their Applications

23 September 2021
online seminar

Electrochemical conversion and production of gaseous compounds such as hydrogen and syngas could contribute to substantially reducing greenhouse gases as well as preserve fossil resources. In the field of on-coming technologies, fuel cells and electrolysers are expected to jump from small-scale production (kW) to Megawatt or Gigawatt levels in this decade. Electrochemical CO2 conversion (PtX) into syngas, chemicals or synthetic fuel is no longer a vision. In the field of technical electrolysis, implementation of oxygen-depolarized cathodes already allows for an impressive decrease in energy consumption during industrial chlorine production of about 30%. In order to meet all these ambitious targets, however, highly performing, stable catalysts and gas diffusion electrodes (GDEs) are urgently needed in order to be able to compete with established technologies such as combustion engines and batteries for transportation or with chemical processes such as methane reforming for H2 production.

This short course aims at providing the attendees with relevant insights on innovative and state-of-the-art applications for GDE from academia and industry perspective and is principally addressed to students, scientists, engineers, technicians and chemists. You will get the unique opportunity to interact on-line with various experts regarding fundamental and technical aspects of GDEs related to their functionality, fabrication, test, modeling and industrial applications.



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