New Publication in the field of Hydrogen Peroxide-driven Biocatalysis

2019-05-22 |

The successful collaboration of DFI scientists from the groups of Industrial Biotechnology and Chemical Technology together with Dr Frank Hollmann (TU Delft, The Netherlands) now led to a review on the topic of “Hydrogen peroxide driven biocatalysis" in the renowned Journal Green Chemistry.

The study of hydrogen peroxide generation and utilization has a long tradition at the DECHEMA-Research Institute and has been the subject of many successful research projects. The Chemical Technology, Electrochemistry, and Industrial Biotechnology groups are working closely together on the topics of in situ H2O2 generation for coupled enzymatic processes, waste water treatment, and synthetic applications. For the generation of H2O2 particularly electrochemical, photocatalytic, and direct synthetic methods are developed and investigated.

The paper originates from the research projects „Photocatalytic in situ hydrogen peroxide production for biocatalysis based on peroxidases" (more...) and “PeroxyMEER - Increasing the spectrum of Peroxygenase-catalyzed hydroxylations through discovery of new enzymes, novel metagenome screening, enzyme engineering, and reaction engineering”  (more...) which are part of the research cluster Integrated chemical-biotechnological production.

The researchers are looking forward to present new insights on this exciting topic in the nearest future.


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