IGF project on development of corrosion-resistant magnesium materials

2020-10-20 |

The light metal magnesium gains increasing attention due to its good availability and low density, so it is of interest as construction material for automotive and aviation industries. Disadvantagous are its low corrosion and wear resistance. In order to leverage the industrial use of magnesium materials a targeted development of suitable coatings offering a good corrosion protection is necessary.

Therefore on 1 July 2020 the IGF-project 20627 BG „Optimization of plasma-electrolytic ceramic oxide layers on magnesium alloys through an improved interplay of the current-voltage regime and adapted inhibitors“ has been started at the DECHEMA research institute (DFI). The project will be executed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer IKTS Dresden and will be finished at the end of 2022.

Goal of the project is to create an innovative and economical anodising process with superior corrosion resistance compared to current corrosion protective coatings. “The new process will be characterized e.g. by an improved current-voltage regime allowing to decrease the energy needed to create a ceramic layer with a comparable thickness”, said Robert Sottor, the responsible scientist for the project at the DFI. In addition “smart” nanoparticles or -containers, loaded with inhibitors, will be incorporated into the ceramic layer to gain a significantly higher corrosion protection.

Photo credits: © Fraunhofer IKTS: Ceramic oxide layer with incoporated zeolithe particles on AZ 31

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