DFI Day lab2industry 2023 "Hydrogen technologies: Research for the future"

2023-12-06 |

"Hydrogen technologies: Research for the Future" - under this motto the DECHEMA Research Institute organised this year on 6 December 2023 its DFI day lab2industry. At the event at the DECHEMA House in Frankfurt am Main, current contributions current contributions to selected research projects of the institute as well as exciting guest lectures by project partners from industry were presented:

  • Industry lecture 1: Material development to avoiding a shortage of iridium in PEM water electrolysis - Dr C. Gebauer (Heraeus)
  • Investigation of the stability of 5 cm² commercial MEAs for PEM electrolysers - B. Sánchez Batalla
  • One-pot electrochemical Pt recovery from electrodes and MEE of the PEM fuel cell - Dr S. Mariappan
  • Influence of Co/Fe/Cr on the activity and stability of Raney nickel for alkaline electrolysis - Dr N. Bogolowski
  • Industry lecture 2: Materials engineering considerations for hydrogen application qualification of power plant and pipeline components - Dr Mirko Bader (Uniper)
  • Industry lecture 3: Requirements for advanced materials and concepts for future aero engine applications - Dr M. Schloffer (MTU Aero Engines)
  • Water vapour in aircraft turbines: High temperature corrosion today and tomorrow - Associate Prof Dr-Ing M. Galetz
  • Co-electrolysis and metal dusting - Dr C. Schlereth
  • Hydrogen permeation and embrittlement of ferritic SOEC/SOFC interconnect materials - D. Kniep and S. Schewe
  • Water monitoring and treatment - J. Schuster and Dr M. Stöckl

We look forward to welcoming you to the next DFI Day next year.

Picture:  © doidam10/AdobeStock

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