Tensile Creep Properties of Cr-Si Alloys at 980 °C in Air—Influence of Ge and Mo Addition

P. Pfizenmaier, A.S. Ulrich, M.C. Galetz, U. Glatzel

Metals 11 (2021), 1072, DOI: 10.3390/met11071072


The tensile creep behavior of Cr-Si alloys with Cr ≥ 91 at.% was investigated in air at 980 °C with a constant load of 50–100 MPa. Additionally, the influence of substitutional alloying additions of 2 at.% Ge and Mo, leading to ternary alloys was studied. The addition of Ge or Mo results in an improvement in creep strength, with the highest strength achieved with addition of Mo. For longer creep exposure times a strong effect is observed, because of severe nitrogen uptake from the air, depending on alloy composition. Based on the results a novel mechanism for the impact of chromium nitride formation on the creep behavior is proposed.

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