Development of sol-gel coatings for an increased oxidation resistance of high-strength steel alloys during the press-hardening process

S. Benfer, F. Depentori, M. Yekehtaz, C. Klesen, W. Bleck, W. Fürbeth

Proc. 4th International Conference on Hot Sheet Metal Forming of High-Performance Steel, M. Oldenburg, B. Prakash, K. Steinhoff (eds.), Verlag Wissenschaftliche Scripten (2013) 445-452


Coating systems used for oxidation protection of high-strength steel alloys all have certain disadvantages concerning e.g. further processing of the steel parts. Therefore, our aim is the development of a new, nanoparticle-based system obtained by the sol-gel process which improves the oxidation resistance of boron-manganese steel alloys (22MnB5) during press-hardening and which may stay on the steel parts during further processing.
Coatings obtained from three sols containing lithium aluminum silicate and potassium aluminum silicate showed the best performance against oxidation. The structural properties of the materials were characterized using different methods like XRD and DTA. Comparison of the oxidation rate constants (KP’’) of samples coated with selected sols and treated at different temperatures with the bare material and steel coated with Usibor® as reference coating proved the ability of the coatings to protect against oxidation at temperatures up to 800 °C. The absence of any secondary intermetallic phases and layer residues during laser beam welding proves the suitability of nano-particulate coatings for further industrial processing.

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