Development of Cr‐Si‐Ge alloys for high temperature structural applications

Bild Forschungsprojekt
Period: 2011-04-01 to 2014-07-31
Funder: German Research Foundation (DFG)
Project Manager: Ali Soleimani-Dorcheh
Research Group: High Temperature Materials

Recent developments in high temperature technologies, especially in gas turbines and civil transport turbo engines, have raised interest in a new generation of high temperature alloys which are capable of increasing the operation temperatures of turbo engines in order to reach higher efficiencies. So far the operation temperature has been increased to 1150°C using Ni-base superalloys. However, due to the softening of these alloys at temperatures close to their melting point their potential for higher service temperature is very limited. Chromium alloys have been considered as potential candidates for ultra-high temperature applications because of their high melting point (>1700°C), their oxidation resistance, and their high temperature strength. However, their limited low temperature ductility and oxidation resistance at ultra-high temperatures have hindered the development of such alloys in recent years.

Several groups have been working on enhancing the mechanical and high temperature performance of Cr-base alloys by micro and macro alloying with different elements such as Al, Ag, Si, Mo, Ta, W, Ru, Ce, and Nb. The scope of this project is to develop new ternary Cr-Si-Ge alloys and study the effect of germanium alloying on morphology, microstructural stability, and oxidation behavior of this class of ternary alloys at elevated temperatures.


PD Dr. Mathias Galetz

Tel.: +49 69 / 7564-397

E-mail: mathias.galetz



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Final Report (pdf, 900 kB, in German)

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