Contract Work: Mechanical Workshop

We will get the job done for you



  • are looking for support setting up experimental equipment?
  • would like to have samples or prototypes produced?
  • need an experienced partner for the machining of special materials (e.g. titanium aluminides, high temperature materials, nickel-base alloys, etc.)?


  • are an independent research institute working in the areas of materials, chemical technology, and biotechnology.
  • offer competent workshop manufacture of individual equipment and components with 50 years of experience in the area of research and development.

Our strengths

  • Continuity and expertise: Experienced industrial mechanics will work on your project
  • Lean organization: We keep bureaucracy to a minimum
  • Speed: We will start working on your project immediately
  • Experience: Year-long collaboration with medium and large industrial companies

Our know-how

  • Machining of steels, non-ferrous metals, plastics, ceramics, intermetallic materials
  • Developing and manufacturing hardware, analytical equipment, test stations, etc. in cooperation with the contractor
  • Preparing ambitious individual solutions


  • lathes (CNC and manual)
  • milling machines (CNC and manual)
  • wire eroding machines
  • surface grinding machine
  • pillar drills
  • vertical band saw
  • vertical circular saw
  • band grinder
  • engraving machine
  • TIG welding
  • cutting machine
  • blasting crucible - glass pearls
  • CO2-laser engraving and cutting system
  • ...and many more

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