Gas Diffusion Electrodes for Water Electrolysis

16. Oktober 2024

Water electrolysis technologies rely on catalysts such as Ir, Pt, Ni, La, Zr and Yt with limited resources. To meet engineering and economic targets related to ambitious industrial scale-up at MW and GW level as well as net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050, highly performing H2 and O2 gas diffusion electrodes designed with low-loading catalyst layers (CLs) and stable porous transport layers (PTLs) are urgently needed.

The scope of this seminar is to provide the attendees relevant insights into state-of-the-art, innovative concepts and remaining challenges regarding electrode architecture for alkaline (AWE), acidic (PEMWE) and high-temperature (HTWE) technologies from both academia and industry perspective.


Bildquelle: McPhy Energy S.A., Grenoble (France)

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