Bio Processing Factory 4.0 Networked, Data-Driven Bioprocess Workflow Optimisation

26. - 28. April 2023

The new workshop seminar will unite leading companies and academic science in a modern fermentation environment (FERM FACTORY at RWTH Aachen University). In this course, you will experience state-of-the-art equipment and innovative analytical methods, and learn about a holistic concept of the process industry. Try out various tools we provide for you in our application centre and follow the exemplary workflow.

Learn how to optimize your production flow, and manage and evaluate your data to minimize risks in advance. Through a gradual networking, fermentation processes become faster, more robust and more compatible.

Due to the high number of cooperating companies, the FERM FACTORY creates a unique framework in which the challenges of the future laboratory in the process industry are shown from different perspectives.

Start together with us in the direction of FERM-FACTORY 4.0!


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Picture: RWTH Aachen University - Institute of Applied Microbiology/Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lars M. Blank

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