Corrosion. Protection of Structural Metals and Alloys (2017-2018)

W. Fürbeth, S. Kolisnychenko (Eds.)

Trans Tech Publications, Baech, Switzerland, May 2021

ISBN(softcover) 978-3-0357-1526-2

ISBN(eBook) 978-3-0357-3526-0


This issue from the topic series “Corrosion” contains articles published by Trans Tech Publications in the 2017 - 2018 years. The volume “Corrosion. Protection of Structural Metals and Alloys (2017-2018)” presents readers with a wide range of research results and engineering solutions in providing the anti-corrosion protection of structural metals, alloys, and engineering objects. We hope this collection will be useful and interesting to a broad audience of researchers and engineers from various modern manufacturing areas.

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