Development of a coking-resistant NiSn anode for direct methane SOFC

N. Bogolowski, J.-F. Drillet

Proc. 11th European SOFC & SOE Forum, Lucerne (CH), 1-4 July 2014, B0501, doi: 10.1002/fuce.201400187


The present work reports on the development of a coking-resistant NiSn-based membrane electrode assembly (MEA) for internal CH4 reforming in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). Catalyst powder was prepared in a centrifugal casting oven by melting stoichiometric amounts of Ni and Sn under vacuum. The formation of Ni3Sn2 intermetallic phase was confirmed by XRD analysis. Catalytic activity for CH4 reforming and stability of the NiSn powder were first evaluated in a quartz glass reactor for 4 h at 600–1,000 °C. The main reaction products H2 and CO were detected by gas chromatography while no carbon formation was detected during the experiments. Then, 3YSZ electrolyte-supported MEAs were fabricated with a Ni3Sn2/YSZ anode and LSM/YSZ cathode and characterized under SOFC conditions. The MEA showed an excellent stability under CH4 atmosphere (3% H2O) at 850 °C over more than 650 h. No substantial decrease in cell potential was observed during this period.

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