Microbial electrotechnology – Intensification of bioprocesses through the combination of electrochemistry and biotechnology

M. Stöckl, A. Gemünde, D. Holtmann

M. Stöckl, A. Gemünde, D. Holtmann, Phys. Sci. Rev., 2023, doi:10.1515/psr-2022-0108


Both biotechnological and electrochemical processes have economic and environmental significance. In particular, biotechnological processes are very specific and stable, while electrochemical processes are generally very atom-and energy-efficient. A combination of these processes is therefore a potentially important approach to intensify biotechnological processes. In this paper, the relevant options for process integration are presented, key performance indicators for quantitative evaluation are given, and an evaluation based on performance indicators is carried out using the example of the electrochemical reduction of CO2 to formate and the subsequent biotechnological conversion to the biopolymer polyhydroxybutyrate.

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