Microbial Conversion of (±)Linalool to Linalool Oxides by Corynespora cassiicola

M. M. W. Etschmann, S. Bormann, J. Schrader

Nearly pure (2R) configured linalool oxides could be synthesized by biotransformation with Corynespora cassiicola DSM 62475 from (R)-(−)-linalool. In fed-batch shaking-flask cultures, product concentrations above 1 g/L were obtained. Substrate limitation and product inhibition was shown to limit productivity, which was about 80 mg/L per day.

By means of a combined in situ substrate feeding and product removal (SFPR) approach with the polystyrene adsorber Lewatit VP OC 1163, substrate and product concentration could be kept below the respective inhibiting levels and productivity was increased by a factor of six.

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