Methanol Utilisation Technologies. In: Methanol: The Basic Chemical and Energy Feedstock of the Future

M. Bertau, H. Wernicke, F. Schmidt, U.-D. Standt, F. Seyfried, S. Buchholz, G. Busch, M. Winterberg, L. Reichelt, C. Pätzold, S. Pohl, L. Plass, J. Roes, M. Steffen, G. Sandstede, A. Heinzel, S. Hippmann, D. Holtmann, F. Sonntag, T. Veith, J. Schrader

Oil and gas are raw materials—the availability of which is prognosticated to run short in the near future. The peak oil discussion is an example generally perceived as proof of this development to come.

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