Highly Active and Stable Pt3Cr/C Alloy Catalyst in H2-PEMFC

M. Sakthivel, I. Radev, V. Peinecke and J.-F. Drillet

J. Electrochem. Soc., 162/8 (2015), F901-F906, doi: 10.1149/2.0761508jes


In the present work, a 40 wt% Pt3Cr/C alloy catalyst showed enhanced activity under both half-cell and full-cell conditions as well as excellent corrosion stability compared to those of the 40 wt% Pt/C benchmark catalyst. In half-cell experiments at 2 mA cm−², Pt3Cr/C catalyst exhibited 10 mV less over-potential and twofold higher specific and mass activity for ORR than Pt/C. The average particle size grew from 4.5 nm up to “only” 6–8 nm after 7000 degradation cycles. For comparison, average particle size of Pt/C increased from 4.5 up to 10–30 nm. After 1000 degradation cycles in full-cell, MEA with Pt3Cr/C cathode exhibits an excellent maximum power density retention of about 94% compared to only 59% for the MEA with the commercial catalyst.

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