Continuous biocatalytic synthesis of (R)-2-octanol with integrated product separation

C. Kohlmann, S. Leuchs, L. Greiner et al.

Green Chemistry, 13 (2011), 1430-1436, doi: 10.1039/C0GC00790K


The continuous biocatalytic synthesis of (R)-2-octanol carried out in an enzyme membrane reactor showed an excellent process stability of the biocatalysts, resulting in a turnover number of 15 million for the applied alcohol dehydrogenase. Utilisation of the ionic liquid AMMOENG™ 101 as a feasible cosolvent increased substrate concentration, and improved space time yields and turnover numbers of the cofactor by factors of 3 and 6, respectively. Moreover, 80% less waste was generated, while producing the same amount of product. Integrated product separation was realized viasolid phase extraction. Extraction of the applied solid phase with supercritical carbon dioxide allowed more than 30 reuses of the solid phase.

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