An electrically rechargeable Al-Air battery with aprotic ionic liquid electrolyte

N. Bogolowski, J.-F. Drillet

 ECS Trans., 75, (2017), 85-92 doi: 10.1149/07522.0085ecst


In this work, some preselected aprotic ionic liquids such as EMImOTf, EMImOAc and BMPyrOTf were screened with respect to their contact angle on Pt/C and LCCO/C gas diffusion electrodes as well as their affinity to catalyze both air and aluminum reactions. Highest contact angles were measured on Pt/C GDE. While all systems showed a certain activity for ORR/ORR reactions, none of them, excepted EMImCl + AlCl3 (1:1.5) reference electrolyte, was able to dissolved/precipitate aluminum salt on metal electrode. In that context, the Cl-based reference electrolyte was chosen for tests under full-cell conditions. Discharging/charging procedure was successfully carried out at 100 µAcm‑2 for 15 cycles/200 h, so that feasibility of a rechargeable Al/air cell in dried air with a aluminum foil, aprotic EMImCl + AlCl3(1:1.5) as electrolyte and Pt/C as oxygen catalyst has been demonstrated for the first time.

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