Caldariomyces fumago DSM1256 Contains Two Chloroperoxidase Genes, Both Encoding Secreted and Active Enzymes

M. Buchhaupt, S. Hüttmann, C. C. Sachs, S. Bormann, A. Hannappel, J. Schrader

Inspection of transcriptome data from the chloroperoxidase (CPO)-producing fungus Caldariomyces fumago DSM1256 led to the discovery of two distinct CPO mRNA sequences. This strain could be shown to contain the newly identified isogene as well as produce and secrete both isoenzymes. The CPO2 enzyme bears high sequence similarity to the well-characterized CPO (87% identity for the mature proteins). It shows two insertions in the signal peptide and in the C-terminal propeptide, and one deletion in the mature polypeptide close to the C-terminus. Furthermore, it lacks one of the serine residues known to be O-glycosylated in the CPO sequence. The demonstration of a CPO isogene which is expressed as a secreted and active CPO clarifies the nature of this isoenzyme already identified in earlier reports. A structure model comparison shows a high conservation of the active site and the substrate channel, suggesting very similar catalytic properties.

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