Der SIL-Tag (SIL day)

10 March 2016
Frankfurt am Main

Special topics concerning process control safety systems

In the context of the SIL day the latest topics in the field of functional safety – plant safety and process control technology (PCT) will be discussed.

For example, NAMUR recommendations in relation to process control safety systems are considered for discussion by specialists from various fields. Consequently, it is still possible to exert influence on the contents.

The main focus of this training course lies on explosion protection and functional safety, safety and security and the issue of “grandfathering or retrofitting obligation?” which will be presented by a lawyer.

The fundamentals of these topics will be provided in the training courses "Funktionale Sicherheit - Anlagensicherheit und Prozessleittechnik (PLT)" (functional safety – plant safety and process control technology (PCT)), fundamentals and making SIL calculations easy.

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