Patents of the Industrial Biotechnology Group

Whole-cell biotransformation of fatty acids to obtain fatty aldehydes shortened by one carbon atom
F. Kähne, M. Buchhaupt, J. Schrader (DFI)
Patent holder: Symrise AG
Filing date: 26.08.2010 Grant date: 30.12.2015

DE102010039833 (A1) / EP2609207 (B1) / US10017790 (B2) / WO2012025629 (A1)

Use of protein homologous to a MeaB protein for increasing the enzymatic activity of a 3-hydroxycarboxylic acid-CoA mutase
L. Reinecke, T. Koehler, A. Marx, S. Schaffer, A. Thiessenhusen (Evonik Röhm GmbH), M. Buchhaupt (DFI)
Patent holder: Evonik Roehm GmbH
Filing date: 11.11.2009 Grant date: 12.05.2011

DE102009046623 (A1) / US8980594 (B2) / WO2011057871 (A3)

Process for de novo microbial synthesis of terpenes
J. Schrader, M. Buchhaupt, F. Sonntag, C. Kroner (DFI), H. Brüser, H. Schröder, R. Pelzer (BASF SE)
Patent holder: BASF SE
Filing date: 11.03.2015

DE102015103608 (A1) / EP3268467 (A1) / WO2016142503 (A1)

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