DECHEMA-Forschungsinstitut offers its expertise and resources also to industrial clients in order to have research and investigation requests handled at the institute. For such assignments the equipment of the research groups and the service group Materials Characterisation as well as the scientific and experimental know-how of the institute are available to industry.

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High Temperature Materials, Materials Characterization:
Associate Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Galetz
Tel. +49 69 7564-397
Dr.-Ing. Anke Silvia Ulrich
Tel. +49 69 7564-606

Electrolytic Corrosion:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Fürbeth
Tel. +49 69 7564-398

Chemical Technology:
Dr. J. Bloh
Tel. +49 69 7564-387
Dr.-Ing. J.-F. Drillet
Tel. +49 69 7564-476

Dr. K.-M. Mangold
Tel. +49 69 7564-327
Dr. Markus Stöckl
Tel. +49 69 7564-642

Industrial Biotechnology:
Dr. M. Buchhaupt
Tel. +49 69 7564-629
Prof. Dr. J. Schrader
Tel. +49 69 7564-337

Mechanical Workshop:
Heinrich Kopietz
Tel. +49 69 7564-346

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