Contract Research: Materials and Corrosion

We can do research for you


  • are looking for support developing and qualifiying new materials?
  • would like to develop a suitable corrosion protection strategy?
  • would like to perform a failure analysis of a damage in your plant or on an application?


  • are an independent research institute working in the areas of materials, chemical engineering, and biotechnology.
  • offer one-stop materials and corrosion research, starting from developing new materials and protective measures, up to damage assessment. Thus we cover the entire lifecycle of materials in diverse industrial environments and over the entire temperature range.

Our strengths

  • Continuity and expertise: Experienced scientists will work on your project
  • Lean organization: We keep bureaucracy to a minimum
  • Flexibility: IP arrangements are negotiable
  • Speed: We will start working on your project immediately
  • Experience: Year-long collaboration with medium and large industrial companies

Our know-how

  • Investigation methods for corrosion
  • Developing innovative concepts for corrosion protection
  • Systematic assessment of damage events

We are your partner for fundamental as well as applied research and development.

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