Contract Research for Industrial Biotechnology

The Industrial Biotechnology research group is an interdisciplinary team of biotechnologists, biologists, chemists, and engineers that develops process strategies for industrial ("white") biotechnology. You can contract us to research novel biotechnological solutions for your challenges in industrial compound synthesis.


  • Isolated oxygenases and oxidases for regio- and stereoselective oxyfunctionalisation of hydrophobic substrates
  • electrochemically driven biocatalysis with monooxygenases
  • whole cell biocatalysis with genetically modified microorganisms for selective oxidation of terpenes and fatty acids; bioconversion of amino acids

Bioprocess development

  • Sustainable bioprocesses for the production of bulk-, fine- and specialty chemicals based on renewable resources
  • Novel biocatalytic syntheses for bioactives for the flavor-, cosmetic-, chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Efficient integrated bioprocesses by application of innovative techniques for in-situ product removal
  • Development of specific bioelectrochemical syntheses

Strain development

  • Implementation of novel biosynthetic pathways in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and other fungi and bacteria by rational molecular engineering and evolutionary techniques ("microbial cell factories)
  • Increase in performance of production strains by optimisation of product tolerance
  • Development of tailored selection-/screening systems for implementation of microbial syntheses
  • desing of tailored laboratory and production strains and vectors

Alternative resources for industrial biotechnology

  • biomolecular and procedural investigation of methanol using bacteria for biotechnological processes using the example of  Methylobacterium extorquens
Strain development Novel biosystems development
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