Contract Research in Chemical Technology

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  • are seeking assistance in the development of a chemical process?
  • aspire to utilize light as an energy source for your process and need suitable photocatalysts for that?
  • want to test and improve your catalysts and gas diffusion electrodes for metal/air batteries or fuel cells?
  • plan to functionalize your surfaces with self-cleaning properties?


  • are an independent research institute, that is active in the areas of materials, chemical technology and biotechnology.
  • offer a wide range of research areas in chemical technology from reaction engineering and process analytics to photocatalysis and even batteries and fuel cells.
  • are able to efficiently work on interdisciplinary problems as we closely collaborating with our biotechnology and material science divisions.

Our strengths

  • Continuity and Expertise: Experienced scientists will work on your project
  • Lean organization: we keep bureaucracy to a minimum
  • Flexibility: IP arrangements are negotiable
  • Speed: we will start working on your project immediately
  • Experience: year-long collaboration with medium and large industrial companies

We are your partner for fundamental as well as applied research and development.

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