Formation of a protective alumina scale on Ni-base superalloys by using the halogen effect

H.-E. Zschau, D. Renusch, P.J. Masset, M. Schütze

Advanced Materials Research 278 (2011), 485-490

A new method is proposed to achieve a dense protective alumina scale for Ni-base superalloys with an Al-content lower than 10 wt.% at temperatures above 1000°C. The method is based on the halogen effect. Thermodynamical calculations show the existence of a region for a positive fluorine effect at temperatures between 900-1200°C for the alloys IN738 and IN939. By using fluorine ion implantation in combination with Monte Carlo simulation of the fluorine profiles these results were transformed into a region of F-concentrations at the metal surface. A dense protective alumina scale was formed for IN738 after oxidation at 1050°C. Due to the very low Al-content no alumina scale was found for IN939.

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