Junior research group "High Entropy Oxides"

New materials that are stable at high temperatures in aggressive atmospheres over long periods of time are needed for more efficient and low-emission gas turbines, e.g. for aircrafts. Multicomponent equiatomic oxides (MEO), or high entropy oxides (HEO), are a promising new class of materials for this purpose, as they combine stability at high temperatures and low thermal conductivity. In addition, other attractive characteristics, such as ionic conductivity, reversible lithium storage, catalytic activity, and dielectric and magnetic properties, make HEOs an interesting class of materials.

Research topics of the junior research group
  • Material development for efficient energy conversion, storage and catalysis
  • New high-entropy oxides for high-temperature applications that are stable over long periods in aggressive atmospheres
  • Synthesis development for reproducible preparation of new compounds
  • Characterization of thermodynamic, thermophysical, mechanical and corrosion properties


The NanoMatFutur junior research group "High Entropy Oxides" is integrated in the funding line "From Material to Innovation" of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Within the framework of this research project, high entropy oxides for use as thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) are systematically developed and characterized in three successive PhD projects. Basic properties, such as phase stability, coefficient of thermal expansion and thermal conductivity, as well as application-relevant properties, such as thermocyclic resistance, mechanical and corrosion properties, are being investigated.

Current Project: Multicomponent equiatomic oxides as high performance materials for future thermal barrier coatings


Doctoral projects of the junior research group "High Entropy Oxides"


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