Functional Surfaces

Resarch Topics

  • New processes for surface functionalization
  • Coating systems and materials for aggressive high temperature environments
  • Low-invasive high temperature corrosion protection
  • Nanoparticle-based coating systems
  • Microbial corrosion inhibition / protective biopolymer films

Modern materials technologies are pushing innovation especially in branches like automotive and aviation industries, medical or energy technologies as well as manufacturing or process systems engineering. The protection towards corrosion will be of specific importance for the national economy. According to estimations the yearly losses by corrosion in Germany are equal to the annual production of a steel plant.

Any decrease of materials damages through corrosion due to the application of innovative protection measures will therefore not only reduce the economic damage but also the need for replacement of metallic compounds. By an increased lifetime of compounds and plants the use of raw materials will be reduced as well as the energy consumption during production.

Innovative corrosion protection concepts do not only cope with increased demands of environment and health protection but they even enable many modern technologies like e.g. in energy production and storage. The DECHEMA-Forschungsinstitut has been engaged in corrosion research now for over 50 years and therefore offers optimal conditions to combine the necessary expertise in electrochemical basics and measurement methods, principles of chemical nanotechnology as well as materials sciences with a special focus on high temperature materials. The research cluster is thereby built up on a unique combination of expertise in electrolytic corrosion, high temperature corrosion, electrochemistry as well as biochemistry.

Nanoparticle based coatings, new anodising methods, protective biopolymer films, coatings through Ionic Liquids as well as oxidation protection layers for intermetallic materials, ceramic thermal barrier layers or new functional high temperature protection layers are some of the research topics that are in the focus of the cluster. As some kind of unique features the low-invasive high temperature corrosion protection as well as coating systems for highly aggressive atmospheres could be established in the last years.

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