An electrochemical microtiter plate for parallel spectroelectrochemical measurements.

C. Ley, S. Zengin Çekiç, S. Kochius, K.-M. Mangold, U. Schwaneberg, J. Schrader, D. Holtmann

An electrochemical microtiter plate (eMTP) was developed which enables parallelized electrochemical experiments in combination with simultaneous optical data acquisition and can be employed in a standard microtiter plate reader. The eMTP system was evaluated with the redox probe potassium ferrocyanide. Furthermore in a screening application the decoloration of the dye indigo carmine via electrochemically oxidized ABTS was tested at several reaction conditions. The novel eMTP system is a simple and useful technique for the screening of electrochemical reaction systems by providing optical and electrochemical data simultaneously in up to eight wells in parallel.

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