Future Directions in the Field of High-Temperature Corrosion Research

M. Schütze, W.J. Quadakkers

Oxidation of Metals 87 (2017), 681-704, DOI: 10.1007/s11085-017-9719-3

High-temperature corrosion research will face a significant change in the near future. Up until now, this research area was dominated by materials issues related to the use of fossil fuels in energy conversion and transportation. Recent political decisions in many of the industrialized countries resulted in a paradigm shift towards the preference of non-fossil renewable energy and CO2 neutral or CO2-free technologies. These political constraints driving the development of new energy conversion technologies in combination with new materials and new manufacturing methods lead to new challenges in high-temperature corrosion research. The availability of advanced investigation techniques as well as increased IT power provides significant potential for the improved in-depth understanding of corrosion mechanisms and the development of comprehensive and reliable lifetime models. The present overview addresses all these aspects and attempts to sketch an outlook, although incomplete, on expected future developments in high-temperature corrosion research.

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