Analyzing creep performance and corrosion resistance of thin-walled aluminized austenitic steels

18496 N

Bild Forschungsprojekt

Left: uncoated 1mm sample of 1.4828 after exposure in 5CO2, 9O2, 12H2O, rest N2 for 2000h at 1000°C. Right: coated 1mm sample of 1.4828 after exposure in 5CO2, 9O2, 12H2O, rest N2 for 2000h at 1000°C

Period: 2014-12-01 to 2017-12-31
Partner: Oel-Wärme-Institut (OWI), Aachen
Funder: Federal Ministry for Economics and Energy (BMWi, Germany) via AiF
Project Manager: Johannes Bauer
Research Group: High Temperature Materials

Metallic components in industrial furnaces and oil burners are exposed to high temperatures and aggressive atmospheres. In general for mechanically low stressed sheets relatively cheap and heat-resistant steels are used up to temperatures of 900°C. Above such temperatures currently cost intensive Ni-based-alloys have to be used.

In this project cheap, heat resistant steels (1.4828 and 1.4841) are aluminized in order to enhance their high temperature corrosion resistance. Before such coatings can be industrially used, the influence of Al diffusion coatings on the mechanical properties (especially creep properties) has to be investigated. In thin-walled sheets (1-3 mm) the interdiffusion zone in which the microstructure of the alloy is changed cannot be neglected as it is commonly done with thick-walled components. In order to study this influence the following investigations are performed at a temperature of 1000°C:

  • Creep tests in burner atmosphere
  • Thermocyclic tests
  • Tensile tests at RT
  • Exposure tests
  • Characterization of the coatings and sheets via metallographic examination, EPMA and phase analysis.
Hinweis Grafik

Das IGF-Vorhaben Nr. 18496 N der Forschungsgemeinschaft Industrieofenbau e.V. (FOGI), Lyoner Straße 18, 60528 Frankfurt am Main wurde über die AiF im Rahmen des Programms zur Förderung der industriellen Gemeinschaftsforschung (IGF) vom Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie aufgrund eines Beschlusses des Deutschen Bundestages gefördert.

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